Jarrah House Residential Treatment Facility for Women


Q. Can everyone access treatment at Jarrah House?

A. NO we are a women's only facility. You must be a NSW resident. You must have a substance misuse concern.

Q. Is the program Voluntary?

A. The program is voluntary.

Q. How do I find out more about Jarrah House?

A. Look at our website or call our team on 02 9661 6555

Q. Is there a specific time to call for a telephone intake assessment?

A. Yes, intake assessments are over the phone on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings between 9-11am, call 02 9661 6555.

Q. Can I bring my child into treatment with me?

A. Yes, however places are limited and the child must be under 8 years of age. Suitability will be part of the telephone intake assessment process.

Q. Do I need a child in my care to come to Jarrah House?

A. NO, women with or without children in their care can access treatment at Jarrah House. Places for children are limited and it may take longer to get a place if you would like to undertake detox and rehab with your child.

Q. Do you have a waiting list?

A. YES, unfortunately we cannot cater for demand, however your intake assessment is presented on its merits.

Q. Do I need to call weekly to indicate I am still interested in a place at Jarrah House?

A. YES, we have a check in system where you must call weekly after you have completed our comprehensive telephone assessment

Q. How long is the program?

A. It is a 10 week program. The program has three parts, Detox- Stabilise 4 weeks, Rehab- Skills 6 weeks, and aftercare post treatment.

Q. When can I make calls?

A. After the first 5 days

Q. Can I have visitors?

A. Yes, however visitors need to be approved before they can visit. Approved visitors can come after the first 5 days.

Q. Is there a cost?

A. Yes, even though we have some governement funding we have many unfunded beds and the funding does not cover the full cost of treatment, staffing, food, accommodation costs etc.

Your donation will help us improve the lives of women, their children, families and the community.

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